The best is yet to be built

We at VC/O are convinced that digitization opens up many opportunities for German businesses to offer their customers better products and to conquer new markets. However, for many companies – especially the German Mittelstand – digitization is also a great challenge. How do I make my business model fit for the future? How do I restructure my organization and our team’s competencies accordingly? Which new players in the market do I have to match? Another challenge is sustainability. How can I design my processes and products to be resource-friendly and energy-efficient?

The courage to change – the courage to cooperate

Viessmann has accepted these challenges and sees them as a great opportunity. The family-owned company with 12,300 employees around the world is boldly pursuing its transformation from a manufacturer of heating technology to providing sustainable solutions for the entire living space. During this transformation, Viessmann has gained a great deal of experience and knowledge about how to develop innovations and to shape the future positively.

As economic conditions become more and more complex and technologies develop faster and faster, even the most innovative and successful companies are continuously challenged to understand the new technological, ecological and social developments and thus to respond with future-proof solutions.

To develop these solutions, we are combining Viessmann’s innovative activities with VC/O. Working both with and for our partners, we are continuously expanding our knowledge. To this end, VC/O has established extensive innovation ecosystem with Maschinenraum, wattx, Vito ONE and Vito Ventures.

Co-Create the next Generation of Mittelstand

Companies benefit when they develop, implement, and share their best practices. Maschinenraum is our place for co-creation and co-innovation. With Maschinenraum, we create a shared innovation ecosystem, bringing together the German Mittelstand and family-owned businesses in order to jointly develop new realities and drive their digital transformation. As a catalyst for industrial change, Maschinenraum supports companies by sharing resources, methods and infrastructures to create sustainable solutions for a more desirable future.

Building new business models

We follow trends closely and understand how value chains change. With this knowledge, the company builder wattx establishes its own technology start-ups – for Viessmann or for other companies. wattx supports these ventures along their path from innovative ideas to fully-fledged companies. The core competencies of wattx are data science, engineering, UX and venture development.

Funding for PropTech, ConstructionTech and EnergyTech

Vito ONE is our early stage venture capital firm. The team has been investing in daring entrepreneurs that aim to disrupt the way we live, work and build our cities across Europe since 2015. Hence, Vito ONE was the first German-based VC to focus purely on PropTech and ConstructionTech. So far the team successfully invested in over 20 companies.

Providing capital for future industries

In recent years, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of the disruption and potential of advanced technology. Our venture capital fund Vito Ventures uses this knowledge to invest in ambitious founders and business models that use cutting-edge technology to fundamentally change the way we live and the way we do business.

Have we sparked your interest and ambition?

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